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VOIP Phone Setup Walkthrough

This walkthrough goes over how to unpack, assemble, and connect your VOIP phone.

Smart Communication Server

Smart Communication Server
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IP Telephony and Unified Communications Total Cost of Ownership ...

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IP Telephony (IPT) and Unified Communications (UC) alternatives is critical for sound decision-making. Nemertes recommends considering capital, implementation, and operational costs in TCO analysis.

Nemertes recently interviewed and surveyed 189 enterprises to gather cost data for seven leading IPT and UC vendors: Alcatel-Lucent,...

Source: Nemertes

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  • Free Internet Mobile Phone Calls Offered By UbiFone MOVOIP

    04/01/14 ,via Israel News Agency

    Wireless IP telephony works primarily with Wi-Fi ... more than a hobby for computer "nerds" or a way for impoverished students to make cheap calls home. Now, spurred by privatisation, liberalisation and deregulation in the telecoms industry and the ...

  • Why IT service providers like hosted IP telephony

    03/20/14 ,via Computerworld Australia

    Some years ago it ‘discovered’ M5 Networks’ hosted IP telephony offering, signed up as a customer ... or simply pick their deskphones up from the office and work from home via their home Internet connection, which gave us a degree of flexibility ...

  • IP Telephony Package facilitates workforce mobility.

    December 15, 2005 - Equipped with Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software, Mobilize Now Package leverages public Internet or cellular networks to securely extend business communications capabilities to those working from home or on the road.

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