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Samsung Plasma TV Repair: Samsung Plasma Panel Parts Guide

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Samsung plasma TV

Samsung plasma TV

Samsung UE65HU8500 review | Plasma and lcd tvs Reviews ...


While there are some controversial aspects to introducing curved screens to the 'flat' TV market, nobody can deny that the way the 65HU8500 curves gently backwards makes for a very attractive and distinctive design.

The frame around the curved screen is fairly, if not spectacularly, slim and quite nicely finished in gloss black. Build quality is a little more...


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  • Samsung Electronics E8000 Series Smart Plasma TV

    04/05/14 ,via Electronic House

    Users experience some of the deepest black levels ever achieved on a Samsung TV, thanks to the E8000’s innovative Real Black Pro Panel. The state-of-the-art panel combines advancements in the structure of the plasma panel with software improvements ...

  • OLED TV tech explained: What is it and when will we get it?

    04/03/14 ,via Expert Reviews

    OLED panels are thinner, lighter and more flexible than both LCD and plasma displays. Because the substrates are made from plastic rather than glass, they can be bent into shapes as well as laid flat, allowing for curved TVs like Samsung's S9C. Glass also ...

  • How to Choose the Right LCD TV

    03/31/14 ,via

    we are faced with an immediate future where LCD is the only flat-panel TV technology for the mass market. Granted, plasma is not dead just yet: even though Panasonic is out of the picture, LG and Samsung will continue to sell plasma TVs this year.

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