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How do plasma TVs work? I James May Q&A I Head Squeeze

So how do plasma TV's work? Believe it or not the concept of plasma displays had been invented as long ago as the 1930's, Not quite 21st cutting edge technol...

plasma and LCD panels are difficult to produce in largesizes, plasma ...

plasma and LCD panels are difficult to produce in largesizes, plasma ...
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RIP Panasonic plasma TVs: Reactions from industry experts - CNET

Panasonic plasma is dead. I'd like to take a moment for everyone to express their feelings at its passing.

Next March, Panasonic "will end sales of plasma TVs for consumer use and PDP-related products for commercial use," in the company's own words . They've been CNET's favorite TVs for years , and we're not alone.

Other reviewers, editors, consultants, calibrators, engineers...

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  • Global plasma display panel filter market: 5% CAGR growth forecast between 2012-80

    03/29/14 ,via Live-PR

    The Global Plasma Display Panel Filter market has also been witnessing the increasing ... One of the major factors leading to this is the high cost of plasma displays. Moreover, plasma displays are heavier than other displays such as LCD.

  • LCD prices decline on slowing Chinese demand / Prices for plasma displays remain stable

    03/20/14 ,via

    Prices for plasma display panels (PDPs), on the other hand, have been more resilient. In the last years screens of this kind have increasingly been driving PMMA demand. LCD pricing was fairly strong until the middle of the second quarter but prices started ...

  • Industry Reacts To Panasonic's Plasma Exit

    11/07/13 ,via Twice

    Panasonic blamed severe price competition in the global market brought on by “the Lehman Shock in September 2008” for impacting the big-screen flat-panel demand and profitability. Tamaryn Pratt, principal with Quixel Research, said the plasma display ...

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