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... Efforts with Orion Multi Plasma Display Panels from TechRentals

... Efforts with Orion Multi Plasma Display Panels from TechRentals

VideoSecu LED LCD TV Wall Mount for most 22"-47" LCD, LED ...

*UPDATE 11-10-11* Apparently the design and sale of this mount has changed since my original review. It’s now easier to install, and comes with an HDMI cable and level. Otherwise, most of my review still stands.

I was planning to make my own TV mount because all the affordable ones were so cheaply made. That was until I stumbled on this one for $25.

Wow, was I surprised when it...

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  • New TVs, New Advisors

    04/04/14 ,via Barron's

    In the same way flat-screen televisions made the tube television as quaint as a rotary phone virtually overnight, the once familiar plasma display panels are now on the ... It’s client list is loaded with Wall Street heavyweights and tech ...

  • Live and Learn

    01/29/14 ,via

    The wall’s Multi Plasma Display Panels (MPDP) offer a small mullion, at only 0.9mm on each side. “The display footprint was one of the biggest challenges,” Burns said. “They had the choice of 60-inch displays and 42-inch displays, and once their ...

  • What Killed Panasonic Plasma TV? 4K Ultra HD (Or Lack Thereof)

    11/13/13 ,via

    when the Japanese manufacturer officially announced that it’s going to stop making plasma display panel (PDP) by the end of this year, with sales of both consumer and commercial plasma TVs scheduled to end on the 31st of March 2014. As industry experts ...

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