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LG Plasma Arc Display Panel - Burn Baby Burn

Best panel burn out by a long shot!, holy shit this thing is made tough! Do not try this at home, microwave transformers are far more lethal than the mains p...



LG 55EA980W review | Plasma and lcd tvs Reviews | TechRadar

I was frankly starting to doubt that this day would ever come.

I've been shown big-screen OLED TVs at press events and technology shows for so long now without ever actually being able to buy one or even get one to test that I'd started to think the whole OLED 'thing' was basically just pie in the sky.

An AV dream that was never going ultimately going to turn into a hard,...


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  • OLED TV tech explained: What is it and when will we get it?

    04/03/14 ,via Expert Reviews

    LG meanwhile, has opted for WOLED technology ... halo" effects around bright objects are common if the backlight zones aren't small enough. Plasma panels might be able to produce incredibly deep blacks, but they use an awful lot of power to do so.

  • Global plasma display panel filter market: 5% CAGR growth forecast between 2012-80

    03/29/14 ,via Live-PR

    The Global Plasma Display Panel Filter market has also been witnessing the increasing ... Key vendors dominating this space include Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Bridgestone Corp., LG Chemical Ltd., Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co. Ltd., SKC Haas Display ...

  • LG Display : Patent Application Titled "Touch Panel and Method of Manufacturing the Same and Display Device Using the Same" Published Online

    03/20/14 ,via 4-traders

    The assignee for this patent application is LG Display Co., Ltd. Reporters obtained the following ... liquid crystal display (LCD) device, plasma display panel (PDP), organic light emitting display (OLED) device, and etc. "These display devices generally ...

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