Digital Technique Keyboard Does not Work

My Keyboard Does Not Work - Fix It EASILY

Tired of wondering why your keyboard does not work? Well you have come to the right place. In this tutorial I will explain how to fix keyboard problems easil...



openelec - mouse and keyboard automaticlly not working ...

Step one: check your power. Too many Pi users accept that the power they are using works fine, when really its right on the edge of what the Pi can handle. Test your power

Step two: plug keyboard in before powering on the Pi, does it work?

Step three: plug in mouse before powering on the Pi, does it work?

If any do not work and your sure you completed step one: then...

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    Does it work? If it is 'yes' for both question, tell us what is the brand and model of your keyboard. Check if this keyboard do not need pre-installed driver from the manufacturer. Test the keyboard in another machine or laptop. Does it work?

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    I work in coffee shops all the time ... odds are they are handed out to workers with one of the keyboard covers. Why not do the same with iPads or Android tablets assigned to employees? The keyboard is no less useful for those tablets than ...

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    ... malfunctioning.But after sometime they stopped working. To be exact,that keys are Q,W,A,S,Z,X,TAB and CAPSLOCK. I know they are close to eachother,but don't know what to do Using onscreen keyboard now. Plz fast reply lot of work is pending.Thanks in ...

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