Digital Technique Feints on the keyboard


PES 2012 Feints with keyboard [ПЕС 2012 финтове с ...

PES 2012 Feints with keyboard [ПЕС 2012 финтове с ...

How to Rebrand Your Social Media Accounts - Moz

Remember when Moz rebranded way back in May 2013? (Seems like a lifetime ago for this Mozzer, but, alas: startup life.) Well, since then a ton of you have reached out in our Q&A forum and on social media to ask just what we did to get this done.

Rebrands happen. While this is a late tale, it's a story better told late than never, and it's not as scary as you think, I...

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  • Get Yourself Some Issues (Of Comics)

    03/13/14 ,via

    It's up to us to put our money where our mouth (or keyboard) is and show them we want more ... A Voice In The Dark - This is a very off-kilter coming of age story. Not for the feint of heart. Taking cues from Dexter but coming at the type of story in ...

  • Beck's back: a new album from pop's coolest chameleon

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    My keyboard player was wearing a pink cape and shorts ... Since then, his career has been a highly idiosyncratic series of feints, double bluffs and left turns. He has wandered off into nu-folk, Mississippi blues, hip-hop, funk and satire.

  • Ignore, deny, reframe - but never, ever fess up

    02/13/14 ,via ABC Online

    But not these days: now anyone with a keyboard and access to the uber-database that is ... If unsuccessful with this feint, Hockey may have to revert to the less common response to being pinged when lying: dropping the lie and making it verboten, never ...

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