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Unboxing the Sony Walkman NWZ-B172

After my iPod Shuffle 4g got lost, I decided to go for a Sony Walkman as a new music player after 6 years of having two different iPods. This B-Series Model ...

Sony NWZ-E464KBM 8GB MP3 Player and Active Speaker Bundle - Black

Sony NWZ-E464KBM 8GB MP3 Player and Active Speaker Bundle - Black

Not giving up: Sony intros new E-Series Walkman - CNET

Clearly, Sony didn't get the memo about mobile phones being the latest-and-greatest when it comes to portable audio, and it warms the cockles of my jaded heart. This morning, the company announced a refresh to its E-Series Walkman line in the form of the 4GB NWZ-E53 and the 8GB NWZ-E54. (Most disappointingly, there is not a 16GB or a 32GB version.)

The new MP3 players, which will...


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  • Sony Walkman NWZ-F886 review

    04/02/14 ,via T3

    The Sony NWZ-F886 is essentially a 32GB music player that's also able to read high-resolution audio files that are less compressed than MP3s and, therefore, have the potential to sound more detailed and realistic. So that includes WAV(192KHz/24bit), 

  • A Refreshing Marketing Approach

    04/02/14 ,via The Holmes Report

    Recently revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony utilised creativity founded on strategic thinking to promote its new waterproof MP3 player . The Sony Walkman MP3, which is waterproof, is housed in a bottle of water – directly highlighting the 

  • Predicting product performance in automotive and electronics

    04/02/14 ,via

    Eduard Marfa, director of Teamcenter EMEA marketing at Siemens PLM Software, agrees: “With the Sony Walkman you might have bought in the 80s or 90s, you would have simply paid for it and expected little else. However, when buying an MP3 player 

  • Uneasy First Steps with Google Glass

    03/24/14 ,via Top Tech News

    Such is the fate of early adopters of new technologies, whether it's the Sony Walkman, the first iPod with its conspicuous white earbuds, or the Segway scooter. Google calls the people who wear Glass "explorers," Ten years from now, we may look

  • Обзор плеера Sony Walkman NWZ-Z1000: перерождение легенды

    03/28/14 ,via Mail.Ru

    MP3-плеер в классическом понимании этого словосочетания постепенно исчезает, вслед за CD-плеерами и «кассетниками». Смартфон отвоевывает все больше и больше смежных территорий, покушаясь на компактные фотокамеры, читалки и 

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  • Sony Walkman NWZ-W273WHT 4 GB Flash MP3 Player - White

    04/04/14 ,via TechHive

    Stay motivated with a wire-free, hands-free MP3 player that's both waterproof and super comfortable. Use quick charge to power up fast before hitting the gym, plus you can drag and drop your favorite songs from any music service or even your desktop.

  • Sony updates waterproof sports MP3 player

    02/14/14 ,via

    Sony has just launched a new waterproof sports MP3 player that comes in both 4GB and 8GB capacities at pocket-friendly prices. The NWZ-W270S all-in-one digital music player with both standard and swimming earbuds that help to keep water away from sensitive ...

  • Sony Sells Waterproof MP3 Player Submerged in Bottle of Water

    Sony is putting its money where its mouth is by ... this is the first time that they have been packaged this way. The particular MP3 player included in the Bottled Walkman is the NWZ-W273, which was launched at CES in January. For every three minutes ...

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