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Disassembly... Samsung mp3 Player 'YP-U3'

The 'YP-U3' is small too much.

... Mp3-Player von Marktkauf » Samsung MP3-Player YP-U5 4GB bei Marktkauf

... Mp3-Player von Marktkauf » Samsung MP3-Player YP-U5 4GB bei Marktkauf

Samsung YP-T9 MP3 Player Unboxed: 2GB of Flash, Video, and ...

After writing about the Samsung YP-T9 , we were eager to see how the 2GB player stacked up against the reigning iPod Nano in a flash-based face off. After our unboxing, which you can see below, we did our comparison.

The T9 has voice recording, FM, flash games, and is shorter and thicker than the Nano. The Nano, on the other hand, has the less buttons and an easier control scheme....

Source: Gizmodo

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