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MP3 Player Apple iPod nano 7G - Resenha Brasil

O iPod nano é um dos produtos mais simpáticos e mais populares da Apple. Se você quer ter um produto da maçã que não seja o insosso shuffle, mas ainda não qu...

MP3 player Apple iPod nano 16GB mov mb909zo/a

MP3 player Apple iPod nano 16GB mov mb909zo/a
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Nano update cements Apple's midmarket hold - CNET

contained a number of newsworthy announcements--a new digital-album format, precut ringtones at $1.29--but what's more striking is the way that the company really focused the improvements on the iPod Nano.

The Nano was the only Apple device that got a significant overhaul, with a video camera, FM radio, voice recorder, and pedometer. Somewhat surprisingly, the more expensive and higher-end...

Source: CNET News - Apple

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    The iPod nano can play back songs in either the MP3 or AAC formats. How many songs you can download to your iPod nano depends on the size of your player and what else you put on it. The nano comes in 8GB and 16GB sizes. Type in a name for the nano.

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