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MP3 Player Apple iPod touch 4G - Resenha Brasil

Já temos o iPod touch 5G sendo vendido oficialmente no mercado brasileiro, mas isso não me impede de fazer uma resenha do 4G, que ainda é vendido oficialment...

Apple - iPod touch 32GB MP3 Player (5th Generation - Latest Model ...

Apple - iPod touch 32GB MP3 Player (5th Generation - Latest Model ...

Turning the iPod Touch into a phone - CNET

The MP3 player can be transformed into a mobile phone with the help of a free application from Internet telephone company Truphone .

The Truphone application allows users with a Wi-Fi connection to make and receive phone calls via voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, with other iPod Touch owners, users of the Google Talk's messaging service, and customers of Truphone's Internet...

Source: Crave: gorgeous gadgets and other crushworthy stuff. - CNET

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    04/04/14 ,via Wicked Local Marion

    The Mattapoisett Library has installed a Download Station to simply the process of downloading audiobooks or music to an MP3 player or iPod. Take your device into the library . Never before in history have children been so plugged in-and so out of

  • Best MP3 players

    03/11/14 ,via CNET (blog)

    There's no one-size-fits-all MP3 player that's perfect for everybody. Some people need a small MP3 player for the gym, whereas others need tablet-size players with wide-screen video playback. Whatever your interests are, these five MP3 players broadly 

  • Apple iPhone 6 is go! Manufacturing about to start on handset

    04/01/14 ,via Daily Mail

    Although the images are blurry, they appear to show a rounded design and a protruding camera, similar to those seen on the iPod touch. Alternatively, the models shown in the pictures could be the next generation of Apple's MP3 player. Reports are 

  • iPhone 6's protruding camera would let users attach lenses to device

    04/02/14 ,via Daily Mail

    Apple said screw mount systems can be bulky and increase in the size of the phone. Images posted to Chinese social network Weibo earlier this week appear to show a rounded design and a protruding camera for the iPhone 6, pictured left, similar to those

  • Sony Walkman NWZ-F886 review

    04/02/14 ,via T3

    than anything in the iTunes store. Large file sizes have their drawbacks as we shall see, but with a 10.2cm Triluminous touchscreen, NFC communication and Android 4.1 running the show, this mid-priced music player appears to trump the Apple iPod

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  • Technology: Music on the go

    04/05/14 ,via Dawn

    Whether it’s a Walkman, a CD player, or an MP3 player, devices of various forms and ... players have an internet browser with Wi-Fi connectivity. Apple’s iPod and iPod Touch have similar features. Such versions also have a touchscreen ...

  • Apple iPod touch 8GB (2nd gen)

    03/24/14 ,via After Dawn

    Quite often, however, the player end of the cable requires a special connector designed by the manufacturer. Storage medium (Storage medium type) MP3 Players can use either flash memory or hard disk drive (HDD) to store the MP3 music files. Flash memory is ...

  • Is Apple About To Put The iPod Out To Pasture?

    02/02/14 ,via Value Walk

    But if there was one device over the last couple of years which has rivalled these two perennial favorites of mine in my affection it has been the Apple ... iPod could be on the way out. While the mobile music player is still by far the most popular MP3 ...

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