Digital Technique Monitor Repair

EEVblog #365 - ESR Meter Bad Cap Monitor Repair

Yet another dumpster diving LCD monitor repair. This time an LG Flatron monitor with bad caps. Using the Bob Parker ESR Meter

... Offer List » Repair --Patient Monitor »Ge Dash4000 Monitor Repair

... Offer List » Repair --Patient Monitor »Ge Dash4000 Monitor Repair

PCjr monitor repair - Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection

I have 3 PCjr monitors that are showing signs of their age.

#1 - no vertical hold. There doesn't appear to be anything gumming up the connector on the cable. Colors appear to be good when I can see them.
#2 - yellowish and dark. the monitor is just dull and anything that should be white looks like the teeth on a 60 year old smoker.
#3 - white out. At first power on, I... Source: The Vintage Computer Forums

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