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Blowing up an Iphone in a microwave

Download the FREE app Vivoom here: We blew up James' iPhone with a microwave. He was pissed.

iPhone inventory drying up… iPhone 2.0 looming?

iPhone inventory drying up… iPhone 2.0 looming?

Apple moved up the iPhone price curve in December - Apple 2.0 ...

FORTUNE --Apple ( AAPL ) bucked another industry trend last quarter, according to new research Fortune has obtained from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners .

Taking a deeper look at a closely monitored smartphone metric, the average selling price (ASP), CIRP researchers found that while Apple's competitors' U.S. prices were falling last quarter, iPhone prices were...

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  • Wake up your Mac with your iPhone

    04/04/14 ,via CNET

    Granted, as a server you might not want to set the system to go to sleep, but there may be similar instances where a system is inaccessible and you need to wake it up. Waking a system via the network uses a technology called Wake on LAN, which can be 

  • From close-up to creative to downright creepy, new iPhone lens accessories ...

    04/03/14 ,via imaging resource

    If there's one thing we've seen a lot of here on the Imaging Resource newsdesk, it's accessory lenses for Apple's omnipresent iPhone. That's true of three offerings we spotted on Kickstarter today too, but the lenses themselves manage something unusual

  • The Allo iPhone case mounts onto bikes and doubles up as speaker

    04/03/14 ,via Daily Mail

    A 17-year-old student has created a solution that not only mounts an iPhone securely to the handlebars of any bike - it doubles up a speaker. The Allo case lets cyclists listen to music, make calls and use navigation apps completely hands-free, and

  • Is this the iPhone 6? New mockups show what Apple's superthin 'Air' handset ...

    03/31/14 ,via Daily Mail

    Chinese analyst Sun Changxu told Chinese-language website QQ Tech that Apple will launch the follow up to its flagship smartphone in two large screen sizes. According to Sun, the iPhone 6 will come with a 4.7-inch screen, with a display resolution of 1

  • Apple iPhone 6 Release Date and Features Round-up: Killer Features Include ...

    Apple has been investigating a new way to make lives of smartphone users easier. According to a recent patent sighting, the company will be including a transparent texting feature and smudge-free sapphire glass screen on the upcoming iPhone 6.

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  • Johnny Depp denies rumors fiancée Amber Heard is pregnant, explains why he wears her engagement ring

    04/05/14 ,via In Rumor

    Also, during an interview with Savannah Guthrie on Today the Pirates of the Caribbean star cleared up rumors that he’s about to become ... 1iPhone 6 rumors: release date, specs, features, co... The iPhone 6 is packed with features of all kinds and ...

  • How To Make Your IPhone's Battery Last Longer

    04/05/14 ,via

    Have you ever wondered why your iPhone’s battery is already at 20 per cent even though ... which appears when you flick up from the bottom of the screen. After launching the Control Center, you can tap the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi icons to turn them on ...

  • How to Do HDR Photography on Your iPhone, and Why You Should

    04/05/14 ,via Mac Observer

    In high contrast scenes, a digital sensor picks up mid tones well, but details are lost in extreme ... What the heck is going on here? Is my iPhone camera broken?" No, it's not broken. You have encountered the dynamic range limitations of the camera's ...

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