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Windows Phone 8 vs. Apple iPhone (iOS 6)

This is a short video that highlights the key difference between Apple's iPhone and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. We recently switched from the iPhone 4G to t...

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Apple's iPhone 5c 'failure flop' outsold Blackberry, Windows Phone ...

From the constant harping about the supposed "failure" of Apple's iPhone 5c, you'd think the phone is selling poorly. The reality is that middle tier model, while dramatically less popular than Apple's top of the line iPhone 5s, still managed to outsell every Blackberry, every Windows Phone and every Android flagship in the winter quarter, including Samsung's Galaxy S4.

... Source: AppleInsider - Frontpage News

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  • HTC One (M8) vs. Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s: Guess which phone survives a 7 ...

    04/04/14 ,via BGR

    HTC's new all-metal flagship HTC One (M8) Android phone looks and feels amazing, but does all that sturdy aluminum really stand up to a beating any better than plastic? Keaton Keller of TechSmartt took to the pavement this past week to find out. Armed

  • How well does Find My iPhone track down thieves?

    04/04/14 ,via The Guardian (blog)

    The feature itself was never developed for use by police, however, and can only be accessed with the username and password of the phone's owner. Find My iPhone is free, and now built in to every phone running iOS 5 software or newer and registered with 

  • Android is for poor people, while iPhone owners live in affluent areas ...

    04/04/14 ,via Daily Mail

    Your mobile phone could reveal a lot about your income, and even predict which part of town you live in, it has been claimed. These new maps reveal that in the world's biggest cities, those in affluent areas are far more likely to own Apple's iPhone

  • This huge iOS 7 security flaw makes it impossible to recover your stolen iPhone

    04/04/14 ,via BGR

    Basically, the thief merely has to tap on the toggle next to Find My iPhone and the Delete Account button in iCloud settings at the same time, and then power down the phone. When the phone is turned back on, the thief will be able to remove the iPhone

  • Teen gets stuck in drain trying to retrieve iPhone

    04/04/14 ,via Fox News

    A British schoolgirl found herself in deep water when she attempted to retrieve her phone from a storm drain and became trapped. Ella Birchenough, 16, said the phone slipped from her hands and fell into the drain in Dover, England Wednesday as she went 

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  • iPhone 6: Leaked Images, Slimmer Design, Bigger Screen, Faster Wi-Fi

    04/05/14 ,via Value Walk

    The iPhone 6 may have the fastest Wi-Fi, thanks to the new Wi-Fi chip developed by Apple's partner Broadcom Going by the images, the iPhone 6 will be much thinner than existing models. The latest reports suggest that the iPhone 6 will be 7.1 mm thick ...

  • Are cheaper Android phones with bigger screens a threat to iPhone sales growth?

    04/05/14 ,via MedCity News

    Apple’s sales team is genuinely concerned that iPhone growth will slow due to the growing number of Android smartphones with larger screens — at least according to recently released internal documents. The internal Apple documents, which came to light ...

  • A newly discovered bug in iOS7 disables 'Find my iPhone' service

    04/05/14 ,via TweakTown

    However, the bug penetrates the Find My iPhone app and the iCloud credential safeguard ... After that, the thief can simply reset the phone to factory settings via iTunes.

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