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15" Retina MacBook Pro nVidia 750m (Late 2013) Gaming test - Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 on the late 2013 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro (nVidia 750m) *Can we get this video to 100 likes?* :D ▷ FREE SUBSCRIBE for more EPIC videos :) htt...

computer en telefonie computers laptop apple macbook 2 4 2010

computer en telefonie computers laptop apple macbook 2 4 2010

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, June 2013) review - CNET

and 13-inch MacBook Air look very familiar indeed, as these slim systems have hardly changed at all physically over the past few generations.

The Air was the only Apple laptop line to get a June 2013 update at Apple's WWDC conference. At first glance, it looks like a relatively minor set of changes, with the primary selling point being a move to Intel's new in a few laptops and been...

Source: Latest reviews at CNET UK

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    As for the full-sized MacBook Pro range, we're not expecting to see any major updates, as the most recent Retina model was only released in October. But that doesn't mean that Apple won't announce a bit of a reshuffle. After all, there's still one

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    KABUL, Afghanistan - Twenty-year-old Elaha Mahboob glances frequently at the screen of her MacBook Air as an iPhone constantly pings ... the number of Internet users in the country soared to 2.4 million in 2013, according the ministry for communications ...

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    The good news for Windows 8/8.1 is that its share is in double digits. And as far as competing platforms go, both Windows 8 (6.41 percent) and Windows 8.1 (4.89 percent) individually account for more desktops than Mac OS X 10.9 (3.75 percent).

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    By offering ezcheckPersonal, at no cost when purchasing another item as a gift through Trialpay customers get peace of mind whether they are using a MAC or Windows computer. This easy to use personal finance check writer is customized to each ...

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