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Apple COMPLETE "Get a Mac" ad campaign compilation (with Bonus ads)

Complete ad listing with shortcuts below: May 2006 : Better (00:00) May 2006 : iLife (00:30) May 2006 : Network (01:00) May 2006 : Restarting (01:30) May 200...

query macintosh se script myoldmac net vintage apple macintosh ...

query macintosh se script myoldmac net vintage apple macintosh ...

How I Moved Away From The Mac After Leaving Apple – ReadWrite

After nearly 20 years, one of the first things I did upon leaving Apple in July 2004 was to have my area associate—who was still an Apple employee—order me an employee-discounted 15" aluminum PowerBook. It was a natural thing.

Apple products began populating my desk starting in the summer of 1982 when I bought one of the first bundles of Apple II+ machines to arrive in Maritime...

Source: ReadWrite

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  • Apple Mac Pro

    03/11/14 ,via CNET

    Can you buy a Mac Pro for home use as your personal PC? Yes, but it may not be the most economical use of your money (and for home users, it's also worth a mention that despite being a desktop computer, the Mac Pro lacks an internal optical drive, even 

  • Advice from an Apple Tech: How to get old Mac OS X install discs

    03/07/14 ,via Macworld

    X 10.5 Leopard and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating systems, dual layer DVD-Rs. These are your property now, they're yours to back up and there's always the chance that someone will be happy to buy your original disc somewhere down the road.

  • ASI approves Pete Mehas grant allocations

    04/04/14 ,via The Collegian

    At least 27 applications were submitted for the grants which will be used for anything from Macintosh computers to 3-D printers. Of those, 20 were accepted with most of the remaining seven being rejected because they did The idea for the grant

  • Dyslexia Software for Windows Tablets Released by Ghotit

    04/04/14 ,via Packet Online

    "For years people with dyslexia were forced to buy a number of expensive assistive technology tools in order to help them write freely. These tools seldom managed to work smoothly together. Ghotit Real Writer Ghotit first launched its only free

  • Spain's five-year yield dips below US equivalent

    04/04/14 ,via Financial Times

    The rally has been fuelled by mounting hopes that the European Central Bank will follow the US and Japan in starting a quantitative easing programme and buy eurozone government bonds. Gregor MacIntosh, head of global sovereign debt at fund manager

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  • Entry-Level Bitcoin Mining Gear for Mac, Windows, and Linux

    04/05/14 ,via Mac Observer

    Today, however, you'll need to buy specialized mining gear based on ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), but the good news is that there are several entry-level options available, and you can run them from your Mac, a Windows PC, or a Linux box.

  • MAC Items For Sale On eBay: April 5th

    04/04/14 ,via

    The MAC stuff is out there, but we have to dig deeper, look harder. Yes, you should buy that t-shirt with the vintage logo on it, and provided you are not living in a MAC city, nobody will know what it is. If you've reached the level of ...

  • Mac App Sale Launches Brand New Mac Software Bundle

    04/03/14 ,via Pr Mac

    The Mac App Sale bundle delivers creative products to revolutionize your design options, and boost your productivity on projects at home and in the office. You can save almost $390 when you buy all six apps in the Mac App Sale bundle (a savings of nearly ...