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NEW 5th Generation iPod Touch 5G 16GB: in-depth Unboxing

New 5th Gen iPod touch 5G 16GB: Unboxing! Want a cheaper alternative to Apple's iPod Touch 5th Generation? Check out the new 16GB iPod ...

org_Best-Buy_1_22104507_Best-Buy-Apple-iPod-touch-4G-32GB-MP4-Player ...

org_Best-Buy_1_22104507_Best-Buy-Apple-iPod-touch-4G-32GB-MP4-Player ...

Experience with refurbished iPod touch: should I buy refurbished ...

I didn’t personally have the experience of buying or using a refurbished iPod touch before this January. One of my friends wanted to buy an iPod touch 4 G and he also tried to save some money for this old version. You know refurbished iPod touch is a good choice to save money. So I also thought and recommended him to buy a refurbished iPod touch 4 generation.

Why do you buy a...

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