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Just a little video highlighting Big Macintosh's infrequent dialogue during the first season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Hope we see more of him i...



Apple's big Mac Pro revamp to debut this month, report says - CNET

Mac Pro users who have played the waiting game with Apple to completely revamp its desktop machine might get the goods soon, according to a new report.

Citing an accurate source, Mac Daily News says Apple plans to announce a new model of the machine sometime this month.

An Apple spokesman told CNET the company does not comment on rumors or speculation.

Mac Daily News...

Source: CNET News

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    The Apple Macintosh has slain countless foes over the years. Big Brother. Alligators. The Big Blue Meanies. But in 1999, the tiny machine faced its most formidable challenger yet: the HAL 9000. That year, the sentient supercomputer from Stanley Kubrick

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    Vigil: Yeah. I bought a Macintosh computer and the Finale music-notation software. When I got home and told my mom, she said it was probably my guardian angel, because that night at the dance there was a big fight and a lot of innocent people got hurt.

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    2B: Koutsoubinas (DVC) 2, Taliaferro (DVC), Van Holton (DVC). 3B: Gavello (DVC), James (Sac City). Records: DVC 18-8, 6-5 Big 8; Sac City 18-6, 7-4. Highlights: DVC -- Taliaferro 2 for 4; Koutsoubinas 3 for 3, Welsh GW RBI; Coach Ward 400th career win.

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