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Akai LCD TV/DVD Combo Repair

Fixing a TV/DVD combo unit with a few bad caps and a toasted power supply.


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Eight Reasons Why You Should Dump That LCD Television and ...

Even though I'm not yet ready for such a set up I keep coming back to this as a possible option. The cost is good for such a large viewing area and it is smaller which is a huge plus. Imagine 4K would cost quite a bit however I only really want 4K for a computer monitor for work space as there is not currently nor will there be all that much content anytime soon. Well, half the reasons given... Source: DVD Talk Forum

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    The set's rather large posterior is explained by the fact that it's here you find the built-in DVD player. The big butt is not, thankfully, a sign that the TV is using old-school single backlight LCD technology. Despite its affordable second-room focus

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    Each also features a private, expansive bathroom, plus an LCD TV, DVD player and balcony, which offers a view of either the lush courtyard or the always-alive Paseo de la Reforma. The Rest. Although it's increasingly difficult to maintain a culinary

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    Tires, LCD touch-screen headrests, LCD flip-down visor, 22-inch flip-down LCD screen, DVD player and a hood ornament of a woman with light-up blue wings valued at $3,384 were reported missing. • VICTORIA - A vehicle in the 1400 block of Polk Avenue on

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    These releases are also notable for being the region 1 DVD debut for the FUNimation and uncut pastillas cialis paras que sirven of Dragon Ball Episodes 1-13, so tell your doctor or pharmacist of all the drugs you take (see Drug Interactions section

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  • Insignia NS-32DD200NA14 32-inch LCD TV/DVD Combo - Product of the Week

    12/27/13 ,via About - News & Issues

    If you were searching for a TV/DVD combo for Christmas and found the pickins a little slim - you are not alone. TV combos units are getting harder to find as most mainstream TV makers are no longer making them. However, the Insignia NS ...

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    Although they were once very plentiful, TV/VCR combinations are now non-existent, and TV/DVD combinations are getting rare. In fact, there were even a few LCD TV/Blu-ray Disc Player combinations available for a brief period, but nothing ...

  • Soniq 23in HD LED LCD TV combo

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    Soniq’s 23in HD LED LCD TV/DVD combo is a good deal if you’re after a spare TV and media player for anywhere in the home, and you don’t want to pay more than a couple of hundred bucks for one. It comes in a manageable 23in size, and it supports a ...

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