Digital Technique Overview of GPS Receivers



  • Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers

    John Wiley & Sons. 2005. ISBN: 9780471712572,0471712574. 352 pages.

    All the expert guidance you need to understand, build, andoperate GPS receivers The Second Edition of this acclaimed publication enablesreaders to understand and apply the complex operation principles ofglobal positioning system (GPS) receivers. Although GPS receiversare widely used in everyday life to aid in positioning andnavigation, this is the only text that is devoted to completecoverage of their operation principles. The author, one of theforemost authorities in the GPS field, presents...

  • Introduction to GPS

    Artech House. 2002. ISBN: 1580531830,9781580531832. 176 pages.

    If you're looking for an up-to-date, easy-to-understand treatment of the GPS (Global Positioning System), this one-of-a-kind resource offers you the knowledge you need for your work, without bogging you down with advanced mathematics. It addresses all aspects of the GPS, emphasizes GPS applications, examines the GPS signal structure, and covers the key types of measurement being utilized in the field today.

  • Understanding GPS

    Artech House. 2019. ISBN: 9781580538954,1580538959. 723 pages.

    This thoroughly updated second edition of an Artech House bestseller brings together a team of leading experts who provide you with a current and comprehensive treatment of the Global Positioning System (GPS). The book covers all the latest advances in technology, applications, and systems. The second edition includes new chapters that explore the integration of GPS with vehicles and cellular telephones, new classes of satellite broadcast signals, the emerging GALILEO system, and new...

  • Global Positioning System: Principles And Applications

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  • The Global Positioning System and ArcGIS, Third Edition

    CRC Press. 2009. ISBN: 9781420088007,1420088009. 308 pages.

    Since the publication of the bestselling second edition of The Global Positioning System and GIS, the use of GPS as an input for GIS has evolved from a supporting analysis tool to become an essential part of real-time management tools in wide-ranging fields. Continued technological advances and decreased costs have altered the GPS vendor landscape significantly and opened the door to an array of receiver and software options. Retaining the in-depth description that made the previous edition...

Ricoh Caplio 500SE - Wikipedia
Ricoh Caplio 500SE - Wikipedia
Handheld GPS Receivers: Overview of Experiment to Assess ...
Handheld GPS Receivers: Overview of Experiment to Assess ...
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Introduction to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) - ppt ...
Introduction to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) - ppt ...