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Homemade GPS Receiver for Upcoming UAV Project

This is a demonstration of my GPS receiver that I will be using for my UAV project.

Descrizione GPS Receiver CompactFlash.jpg

Descrizione GPS Receiver CompactFlash.jpg

Homemade GPS receiver | Raspberry Pi

A slightly abbreviated post today – we’ve just driven 380 miles to Phoenix from LA for Intel ISEF, where Eben’s talking tomorrow, and we’re ready to drop. But I was mailed this amazing piece of work this morning, and it really deserves your attention.

Andrew Holme is a member of the Systems Group at Broadcom Cambridge. He’s friends with several of Raspberry Pi’s engineers,...

Source: Raspberry Pi

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  • A Mass-Market Galileo Receiver

    04/02/14 ,via GPS World magazine

    The authors test three mass-market design drivers on a chip developed expressly for a new role as a combined GPS and Galileo consumer receiver: the time-to-first-fix for different C/N0, for hot, warm, and cold start, and for different constellation

  • Aireon's Space-Based Air Traffic Surveillance Sees Increased Attention ...

    04/04/14 ,via Satellite Today

    You don't send data through a GPS system, the GPS satellite network operated by the Air Force just sends out signals that are used by a GPS receiver to calculate its position.” Recently, Aireon completed the qualification testing for its receiver payload.

  • GLONASS Suffers Temporary Systemwide Outage; Multi-GNSS Receiver ...

    04/02/14 ,via Inside GNSS

    GLONASS outage Broadcom tracking data.jpg Smartphone tracking results from two smartphones. Yellow dotted line, GPS/GLONASS only; green dotted line, GPS/GLONASS/QZSS/BeiDou. Broadcom Corporation image. (Click image to enlarge.).

  • How to Survive a Total Constellation Outage

    04/03/14 ,via GPS World magazine

    Here are the pictures, and the story they tell. Test data coincident with the GLONASS ephemeris disruption of April 1 and 2 showing conclusively how a GPS/GLONASS/QZSS/BEIDOU receiver survives the complete disruption of one of the constellations.

  • New GPS Civil Signal Rollout Will Aid Spoofing Countermeasures

    04/04/14 ,via Aviation Week

    L2C is the second civilian GPS signal, and when combined in a dual-frequency receiver with the legacy L1 C/A civil signal, enables ionospheric correction that will improve accuracy. The signal broadcasts at a higher effective power than L1 C/A, which

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  • Aireon’s Space-Based Air Traffic Surveillance Sees Increased Attention Following Flight 370

    04/04/14 ,via Via Satellite Today

    This is a step beyond regular GPS services, which act as more of a one-way system by only communicating with a receiver. “When you use GPS, all you know is where you are,” said Thoma. “You need a second system to be able to transmit that ...

  • Electronic GPS Speed Training Devices by Nike

    04/04/14 ,via

    Nike offers two types of GPS devices you can use for speed training: the Nike+ SportWatch that contains a GPS receiver and Nike+ GPS App, an application that you can download into your iPhone. Either can provide you with detailed information to improve ...

  • TAG: Multi-constellation receivers

    04/03/14 ,via GPS World

    Coincidentally, during that 11-hour period, the mass-market chip company Broadcom was conducting multi-constellation receiver tests in Asia. Frank van Diggelen, Broadcom’s chief GNSS scientist and vice president says, “We have definitive data to show ...

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