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How to use GPS Navigation WITHOUT Internet on iPhone

This tutorial teaches you how to use GPS navigation without wifi, data or internet connection on iPhone. It is very handy when you have no reception or data ...

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iphone c5 gps wifi iphone c5 gps wifi unit price

California man uses iPhone GPS to track down thieves - CNET

Smartphone thieves beware. If you steal an iPhone, the owner can track you. That's what a California man did when robbed of his laptop, iPhone and iPad , according to a recent court case .

Three men accosted Enner Mendoza, a resident of Anaheim, Calif., last year. They pressed a hard object to the back of his neck and demanded his belongings. After taking his messenger bag, which...

Source: CNET News

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  • How well does Find My iPhone track down thieves?

    04/04/14 ,via The Guardian (blog)

    Later, in the police station, the duty PC told me wearily that despite the increasing references to iPhone tracking by victims, police are unable to act because the data is too unspecific. Police can't attend, he explained, because GPS doesn't give a

  • SHOCK CLAIM: GPS Data Reveals Possible Location Of Flight 370

    04/02/14 ,via Western Journalism

    While the photo is simply a darkened image, as most people know, iPhones embed a staggering amount of metadata when a photo is taken, that include the exact GPS longitude and latitude coordinates of the phone. The coordinates indicate that Wood, 

  • How It's Possible to Lose an Airplane in 2014

    03/30/14 ,via Wired

    Although modern flight management systems use GPS for navigation, that only tells the airplane where it is–it does not tell air traffic control where the plane is. It's a bit like taking your iPhone into the heart of the Mojave desert: Your GPS will

  • TomTom Cardio Sport Watches Offer GPS And Heart Rate Tracking In One Light ...

    04/04/14 ,via TechCrunch

    The dedicated TomTom MySports app for iPhone offers mobile tracking of your progress, and while an Android version is planned but not released, users of Google's mobile OS can still use the web-based version on their PC or Mac to sync runs for now.

  • Top 10 iOS Apps For April

    04/02/14 ,via

    If you wish to customize your iPhone's UI, then Iconical is for you. This app allows you to create custom app icons for almost everything right from home screen icon to the pictures of the people you call. One of Iconical's most outstanding features is

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  • Best Healthy Lifestyle iPhone and Android Apps

    04/05/14 ,via Only My Health

    The Moves App works as a pedometer, working its way for you when you walk, run, or cycle. It uses GPS and your phone can recognise where you are and thus creates a point in the timeline of your day. It is very good for you as it creates accountability for ...

  • Does the iPhone's GPS Use Up Data?

    04/05/14 ,via

    The iPhone is equipped with an integrated GPS antenna which, when combined with the native “maps” app, can create a rudimentary GPS. GPS operates outside of the cellular signal, communicating directly with satellites to determine your position.

  • Garmin Launches ZUMO 590LM: A Rugged Motorcycle Navigator with Connected Infotainment Features

    04/04/14 ,via The Auto Chanel

    Zūmo 590LM boasts advanced navigation features and infotainment options to keep riders connected on the road. The portable navigator includes an MP3 player and is iPhone®, iPod® and Pandora® compatibile1, allowing riders to control music ...

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