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Russia's Glonass GPS system suffers major disruption - Techcentral ...

Users of satellite navigation systems around the world were experiencing problems this week after Russia’s Glonass satellite positioning system was hit by a major disruption.

So far, the cause of the problem is a mystery. It started around 9pm GMT on Tuesday, when most of the 24 satellites that make up the Glonass constellation began broadcasting erroneous data about their...

Source: Techcentral

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  • Russia's Glonass GPS system suffers major disruption

    04/02/14 ,via PCWorld

    The U.S.' Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS), the best known system for navigation, was not directly affected. But many modern GPS receivers and smartphones also rely on Glonass signals for an accurate location fix, so the Russian glitch caused 

  • Altus Positioning Systems Pinpoints Cause for GLONASS Default

    04/04/14 ,via GPS World magazine

    “In our receivers, RAIM rejected the solutions because of the large GLONASS errors, and could only work with GPS only and the recently revised RAIM settings for a Base (SRL,ON,-6,-4,-4). “The issue is now rectified, and the GLONASS constellation is

  • India Launches Own Navigational Satellite IRNSS, Aims To Replace GPS ...

    04/05/14 ,via The Inquisitr

    Currently the world primarily uses US' Global Positioning System (GPS) which has become synonymous as an important navigational tool. Of late Russia's GLONASS too has been trickling down to end users as an effective navigation systems worldwide.

  • How to Survive a Total Constellation Outage

    04/03/14 ,via GPS World magazine

    Here are the pictures, and the story they tell. Test data coincident with the GLONASS ephemeris disruption of April 1 and 2 showing conclusively how a GPS/GLONASS/QZSS/BEIDOU receiver survives the complete disruption of one of the constellations.

  • Congress Supports GPS-Backup System, Russian Satellites Fail

    04/04/14 ,via Broadway World

    Some media reports link the 11 hour failure of the GLONASS system, Russia's equivalent of GPS, to a solar storm that struck at about the same time. Others have speculated that it was cyber-attack, though most reports indicate that it was probably due

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  • TomTom launches Runner Cardio GPS sport watch with built-in Heart Rate Monitor

    04/05/14 ,via Canadian Reviewer

    The slim design comfortably fits all wrist sizes. · QuickGPSFix: Get started faster by using the latest in GPS and GLONASS satellite technology to quickly find their precise location. · Multi-Platform compatibility: Sync, analyze and share ...

  • Europe launches satellite to monitor natural disasters

    04/04/14 ,via

    or GPS, Russia's GLONASS and China's new Beidou system. The main suppliers for the first Sentinel are Italian-French venture Thales Alenia Space for the satellite and Airbus Defence and Space for the radar.

  • Mapping buried fiber cable in Columbia County Georgia

    04/05/14 ,via

    In addition, the GeoXH is able to acquire signals from both GPS and GLONASS constellations, nearly doubling the total number of satellites the receiver can lock onto. “You don’t have to stand there and wait,” Howard explained. “It’s amazing to ...

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