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How to Install Free Maps on Garmin Devices : Garmin GPS

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GPS Map Viewer 1.6 Download

GPS Map Viewer 1.6 Download

Helpful iPhone and iPad tips including Google Maps as a Free GPS ...

This is a good one thanks to Lifehack for Apple users::

Google Maps as a Free GPS

While travelling abroad, you can use Google Maps as a free GPS without an international data plan. While offline, simply zooming to a map area you want in the maps app, and type ok maps into the search box. This data will be available even when you do not have data connectivity.

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  • Here Drive Plus GPS Navigation app coming free to ALL Windows Phone 8.1 ...

    04/02/14 ,via

    The app will support free voice guided car navigation in 97 countries, and support Windows Phones from all OEMs. Nokia also announced updates to HERE Maps, HERE Drive+ and HERE Transit better. First they updated the way you see our maps in all 

  • Volunteer opportunities in the Cayuga County area: April 5, 2014

    04/05/14 ,via Auburn Citizen

    The nonprofit organization shares a common bond of the love of cars and racing. For more information, call (315) 374-3661. Cayuga County Highland Search and Rescue is looking for new members. Duties include monthly meetings and training in GPS, map 

  • Garmin's latest car helper beams your directions

    04/03/14 ,via Chicago Tribune (blog)

    The owner must have a smartphone, because the HUD+ uses a free companion app (Apple, Android or Windows Phone) that communicates via Bluetooth. Yet a smartphone's GPS is smarter and more colorful than the HUD+, which cannot display a map.

  • Led by a GPS: Geocaching in the Tetons

    04/04/14 ,via Teton Valley News

    Led by a blip on an electronic map, Lindsey Scott and her two daughters Acelin, 7, and Marley, 4, have ventured into the Palisades range, through the Big Hole Mountains and even to the bottom of the Teton Dam site in search of hidden stashes left by

  • Mapping buried fiber cable in Columbia County Georgia

    04/04/14 ,via POB

    Part of the objective was to provide free Wi-Fi access to the county's 125,000 (in 2010; 131,627 in 2013) residents when they visit public parks, libraries, schools and community centers. In addition, the broadband backbone would tie county buildings

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  • 5 reasons a standalone GPS unit can still make sense

    03/02/14 ,via USA Today

    While there are benefits to map navigation on a smartphone — free apps, integrated traffic alerts and seamless map updates — you might still consider a standalone GPS unit after all. Before you scoff, consider these reasons a standalone GPS ...

  • Hands-free laws apply to using GPS & map apps on your phone

    03/01/14 ,via

    EUGENE, Ore. -- We all know that texting or answering a phone call while driving is illegal, but what about using your phone's maps or GPS services? On Thursday, judges in California found that it was OK for drivers in their state to use their phone as a ...

  • NaviComputer – Free offline GPS maps and tracking app now available for Windows Phone

    01/07/14 ,via

    With more than 300.000 downloads, NaviComputer is one of the most popular GPS maps apps for Windows Mobile. Already 2 years ago, WMPowerusers have voted for a Windows Phone version. Finally, NaviComputer has now been released in the Windows Phone store in ...

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