Digital Technique External GPS Receiver

Homemade GPS Receiver for Upcoming UAV Project

This is a demonstration of my GPS receiver that I will be using for my UAV project.

External Bluetooth Gps Receiver

External Bluetooth Gps Receiver
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Using an external GPS with iCMTGIS II on iPad | CMT GPS/GIS ...

“For high precision GPS positioning I did connect an external GPS receiver to the iPad via Bluetooth. How and where can I select the GPS receiver in the application? Does it switch automatically between the internal GPS receiver and the external connected via Bluetooth? Where can I see in the application which GPS is connected and how can I decide which one to use and fix as default GPS...

Source: CMT GPS/GIS Application Software for ipad

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    04/04/14 ,via POB

    In addition, the GeoXH is able to acquire signals from both GPS and GLONASS constellations, nearly doubling the total number of satellites the receiver can lock onto. “You don't have to stand there and wait,” Howard explained. “It's amazing to see how 

  • Aircraft Electronics Association Report: ADS-B and FDM among Top Issues for ...

    ADS-B out equipment consists of an approved position source, basically Waas GPS quality, and a broadcasting unit, which is a special transponder. While some countries that have existing ADS-B mandates are allowing . Later versions will have the

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    L2C is the second civilian GPS signal, and when combined in a dual-frequency receiver with the legacy L1 C/A civil signal, enables ionospheric correction that will improve accuracy. The signal broadcasts at a higher effective power than L1 C/A, which

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    You don't send data through a GPS system, the GPS satellite network operated by the Air Force just sends out signals that are used by a GPS receiver to calculate its position.” Recently, Aireon completed the qualification testing for its receiver payload.

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    Finally, you take earphones out and you listen for the loop: it emits a constant magnetic field that can be detected by the receiver. If this sounds cumbersome compared to getting GPS on your phone, it is. Penetrating through solid rock is no piece of

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  • A Mass-Market Galileo Receiver

    04/02/14 ,via GPS World

    The two main GNSS receiver market segments ... Philip G. Mattos received an external Ph.D. on his GPS work from Bristol University. He leads the STMicroelectronics team on L1C and BeiDou implementation, and the creation of totally generic ...

  • Adapters/Receivers provide mobile connectivity.

    The Class I adapter has an attached external antenna which enables communication within a radius of 328 Feet (100 Meters). All are supported under Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP and Pocket PC operating systems. Quatech's line of GPS Receivers , available with ...

  • Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. Delivers the World's First CSAC SAASM GPS-Disciplined Miniature 10MHz PVT Reference

    02/11/14 ,via Marketwatch

    Using the latest generation Rockwell Collins MicroGRAM SAASM GPS Receiver and a Symmetricom/Microsemi CSAC ... and an optional DAGR standard external cold-start assist feature is available to synchronize the unit in the absence of GPS signals.

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