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  • Backpacker Magazine's Using a GPS

    Rowman & Littlefield. 2011. ISBN: 9780762767762,0762767766. 96 pages.

    Backpacker's Using a GPS: Digital Trip Planning, Recording, and Sharing is a complete guide to the digital mapping revolution including how to do it and how to join it. Plan your trip, record it with GPS, edit and enhance your maps (photos and videos), and share with the world. Include out-in-the-field instructions for using a GPS; how GPS works; basic field techniques; computer-based mapping with GPS; conventional navigation skills, etc. This handy pocket-sized guide is 96 pages, includes...

  • GPS For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2007. ISBN: 9780470199237,0470199237. 408 pages.

    GPS For Dummies gives new meaning to finding yourself. Infact, with a GPS (global positioning system) receiver, you candetermine precisely where you are anywhere on this planet. Ifyou’re are planning on buying a GPS receiver or if you haveone and want to get your money’s worth, this guide tells youwhat you need to know, including: Basic GPS principles and concepts such as waypoints, routes,tracks, and coordinate systems Recommended features for GPS receivers to be used in varioustypes of...

  • The Wildlife Techniques Manual

    JHU Press. 2012. ISBN: 9781421401591,1421401592. 1136 pages.

    Rev. ed. of: Techniques for wildlife investigations and management / edited by Clait E. Braun. 6th ed. Bethesda, Md.: Wildlife Society, 2005.

  • Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior

    Academic Press. 2019. ISBN: 9780128132524,0128132523. 3048 pages.

    Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, Second Edition, the latest update since the 2010 release, builds upon the solid foundation established in the first edition. Updated sections include Host-parasite interactions, Vertebrate social behavior, and the introduction of ‘overview essays’ that boost the book's comprehensive detail. The structure for the work is modified to accommodate a better grouping of subjects. Some chapters have been reshuffled, with section headings combined or modified....

  • Introduction to GPS

    Artech House. 2002. ISBN: 1580531830,9781580531832. 176 pages.

    If you're looking for an up-to-date, easy-to-understand treatment of the GPS (Global Positioning System), this one-of-a-kind resource offers you the knowledge you need for your work, without bogging you down with advanced mathematics. It addresses all aspects of the GPS, emphasizes GPS applications, examines the GPS signal structure, and covers the key types of measurement being utilized in the field today.

How to Download TomTom Free Map Updates
How to Download TomTom Free Map Updates
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GPS POI free download sites -
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HERE Maps Download & Free Navteq Software DVD Downloads