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HTC Touch Pro: First Look Review

Stuart Miles gets his greasy mitts on the new HTC Touch Pro , but is it better than it's 'amateur' brother? Megawhat gets to grips with it in this Quick Review.

Home / HTC Touch Pro 6850 Windows Mobile Smartphone

Home / HTC Touch Pro 6850 Windows Mobile Smartphone

FlashtoTalk | Phone Flashing Experts » 6850 Touch Pro Reset

HTC 6850 Touch Pro

WARNING: Everything will be erased out of the phone!

1. Follow the instructions in the picture above.

If above doesn’t work, try 2nd method below.

1. Turn the phone off.

2. Press and hold down the Volume DOWN button and the ENTER button and press Power.

3. Follow any on screen instructions.

If done right,...

Source: FlashtoTalk | Phone Flashing Experts

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