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Buy the Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 Pro 2 NIB + Extras!!!

Forgot to mention in video, but also includes earphones) Comes new in box, with an extra 2 batteries, battery charger, 1GB SanDisk MicroSD card, converter, ...

HTC-touch-pro-2-sim-free-unlocked-mobile-phone-business-IMGHTC_TOUCH ...

HTC-touch-pro-2-sim-free-unlocked-mobile-phone-business-IMGHTC_TOUCH ...

Hands-On HTC Touch Pro 2: HOT ITEM! BUY NOW! NICE - Gizmodo

The HTC Touch Pro 2 will quite possibly be the nicest WinMo phone available on the US market when it comes out later this year. THATS WHY YOU WANT TO NOW BUY WITH VALTREX.

Last year's Touch Pro was a nice—if a bit utilitarian—WinMo 6.1 offering from HTC, bringing design together with business functionality. The upcoming Touch Pro 2 has upped the ante with some enterprise-centric...

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