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Toshiba Blu-Ray DVD Player BDX2150 "UNBOXING"

I picked this up on Black Friday for around $40 normally it retails for $79.99. I did pick up 2 so you know there will be a giveaway coming soon so stay tune...



Toshiba SDP1850 Portable DVD player | GeoReviews.Com ...

The Toshiba SDP1850 is a useful gadget for travelers, children, and anyone who wants to escape into the world of cinema anywhere they go. The player offers 3.5 hours of playback (enough to watch a third of the first Lord of the Rings movie) and features neat options such as allowing you to zoom in to any part of the picture and magnify the image – why? Use your imagination. The DVD player also... Source: GeoReviews.Com - Consumer Reviews & Opinions

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    04/02/14 ,via TrustedReviews

    With its 32-inch screen, built-in DVD player, roster of Smart TV services and aggressive £340 price, the 32D3454DB has its sights firmly aimed at the UK's currently TV-less kitchens, studies, bedrooms and conservatories. READ MORE: Toshiba TV Reviews 

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  • Toshiba presenta i nuovi nuovi player Blu-ray Disc

    04/02/14 ,via Gadgetblog (Blog)

    La sua sigla deriva dall'utilizzo di un laser a luce blu (405 nm), di lunghezza d'onda più corta rispetto al CD (720 nm) ed al DVD (650 nm). Nella specifica serie di Toshiba entrano i nuovi lettori BDX1500, BDX2550, BDX4500 con playback 3D e l

  • Toshiba Aktie: Japan-Konzern stellt sich neu auf

    03/31/14 ,via

    Toshiba ist im Bereich Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikartikel der älteste und traditionsreichste Hersteller Japans. Mit einer breit gefächerten Produktpalette ist der Konzern weltweit präsent. Im Bereich Konsumelektronik werden Festplatten, DVD-Player, 

  • アクリフーズ群馬工場の従業員66人が退職へ「先は暗い。退職は仕方ない」


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  • How to restore Toshiba DVD Player Software

    12/30/13 ,via tom's hardware

    Almost always DVD playback software needs to be installed from the restore disks or software restore partition due to licensing issues with it. Windows should be able to play a DVD with no additional software, or you can also try VLC Media Player which you ...

  • get an old dvd player with only rca plugs to work with a new hd tv?

    12/07/13 ,via tom's hardware

    I have an old Toshiba dvd player that only has the red, yellow and white plugs on the back. I tried to plug it in to a new hd Toshiba tv using the new cables that have the green and blue plugs also into the back of the tv in the correct spots and switched ...

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