Digital Technique DVD Players Review

Sony Blu ray Disc/DVD Player BDP-S480 Unboxing & Review

MyDebater Unboxing and Reviewing one of the most average and popular Blu ray players on the market. For a deal of 79.99$ this player has a USB port, Wireless...

... of cheap dvd players ship players that do not comply with

... of cheap dvd players ship players that do not comply with

First Review: LG BH100 Hybrid Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Player (Verdict ...

We got the LG BH100 in the mail yesterday. It does what claims to do — be the very first high definition disc player that is compatible with both Blu-ray and HD-DVD. But don't wave the white flag in the format war quite yet. Our first grope reveals a few flaws that keep me from recommending this player as the ultimate peace keeper in the HD format war.

Right off, I'll tell you that the...

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    If you are searching for an affordable DVD player , without having to invest in Blue-Ray options, the Sony DVPSR510H offers everything you need for a DVD player for less than $41 at Amazon. This is not an expensive system with all of the big bell and ...

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