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  • Fabulous Quiche Lorraine Recipe

    cayenne, nutmeg, bacon, chilies, eggs, green chilies, swiss cheese, milk, bacon, onions, pastry shell, salt, flour, butter

  • Chocolate Bread Pudding (Paula Deen)

    almond extract, cinnamon, cocoa powder, coffee flavored liqueur, eggs, sugar, heavy cream, italian bread, brown sugar, milk, semisweet chocolate, vanilla extract

  • Crock Pot Onion Soup Recipe

    bay leaf, garlic, chicken broth, yellow onions, provolone cheese, vermouth, nutmeg, sugar, tbsp of, bread, cheese, thyme, black pepper


  • Economic Literacy

    Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. 2010. ISBN: 1442204230,9781442204232. 290 pages.

    In its third edition, Economic Literacy: Basic Economics with An Attitude, explains the logic, language, and worldview of economic theory while maintaining the engaging and accessible style that has made earlier editions so successful. While covering the fundamentals of the discipline, the author also includes a wide range of new material focusing on the structure, causes and results of the 'Great Recession'. From microeconomics and macroeconomics to the composition of international and...

  • Fusion for Profit

    Oxford University Press. 2008. ISBN: 9780195371055,0195371054. 636 pages.

    Jagpal covers in a comprehensive way how financial models can help firms make important decisions. Chapter topics range from how to compensate a sales force, to pricing and bundling strategy, to the measurement of advertising productivity. Case studies from a variety of industries illustrate each of Jagpal's points.

  • Home Theater For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2006. ISBN: 0787988227,9780787988227. 364 pages.
  • Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

    IBM Press. 2014. ISBN: 9780133039214,0133039218. 528 pages.

    The #1 Step-by-Step Guide to Search Marketing Success...Now Updated and Reorganized to Help You Drive Even More Value For years, Search Engine Marketing, Inc. has been the definitive practical guide to driving value from search. Now, Mike Moran and Bill Hunt have completely rewritten their best-seller to present valuable new strategies, best practices, and lessons from experience. Their revamped and reorganized Third Edition introduces a holistic approach that integrates organic and paid...

  • Mental Models

    Rosenfeld Media. 2008. ISBN: 1933820195,9781933820194. 299 pages.

    There is no single methodology for creating the perfect product—but you can increase your odds. One of the best ways is to understand users' reasons for doing things. Mental Models gives you the tools to help you grasp, and design for, those reasons. Adaptive Path co-founder Indi Young has written a roll-up-your-sleeves book for designers, managers, and anyone else interested in making design strategic, and successful.

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