Digital Technique Translation Video In Digital Format

Video Voice-Over Translating: Eng - РУС перевод (English to Russian translation) Hetero Moscow, needed additional voice-overs for a video. This video is an example of how we can ...

... /Headphone Output's impact on selecting the best digital camcorder

... /Headphone Output's impact on selecting the best digital camcorder

Mt.Gox Finds 200,000 Bitcoin In An “Old-Format” Digital Wallet ...

Mt.Gox, the bankrupt online currency exchange, said that it has located 200,000 bitcoin in a digital wallet. In a filing , CEO Mark Karpeles disclosed that the currency, which is worth about $118 million at current exchange rates , was discovered in one of the “old-format wallets” that Mt.Gox had used in the past and assumed no longer held any bitcoins.

The wallets were rescanned...

Source: TechCrunch

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  • A Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Video Platforms

    03/22/14 ,via Streaming Media

    “We transcribe everything now and we build in budget for translation ... external video delivery services, many enterprises opt to use a separate, cloud-based streaming solution that provides varying levels of content management, real-time format ...

  • Jensen: Jimmy Fallon brings innovative show format for late-night talk shows

    03/21/14 ,via Daily Orange

    A sentiment appreciated by Scott Schiller, the executive vice president of digital advertising sales ... social media and user interaction translate to a bigger audience for Fallon. Each retweet and share of a viral video means free promotion for ...

  • Learning a New Format, One Half Page at a Time

    03/14/14 ,via Comic Book Resources

    Now there's an additional wrinkle to be learned, thanks to the increasing prevalence of digital-first comic releases ... doesn't completely translate to the format. But if the nine-panel grid is lost, the six-panel grid works beautifully.

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