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  • Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting Technology

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2008. ISBN: 3540763589,9783540763581. 586 pages.

    This essential text for any technician in broadcasting deals with all the most important digital television, sound radio and multimedia standards. The book provides an in-depth look at these subjects in terms of practical experience. In addition it contains chapters on the basics of technologies such as analog television, digital modulation, COFDM or mathematical transformations between time and frequency domains. The attention in each respective field under discussion is focused on aspects...

  • Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding

    CRC Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781351836821,135183682X. 640 pages.

    The hand is quicker than the eye. In many cases, so is digital video. Maintaining image quality in bandwidth- and memory-restricted environments is quickly becoming a reality as thriving research delves ever deeper into perceptual coding techniques, which discard superfluous data that humans cannot process or detect. Surveying the topic from a Human Visual System (HVS)-based approach, Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding outlines the principles, metrics, and standards associated...

  • Digital Video: An Introduction to MPEG-2

    Springer Science & Business Media. 1996. ISBN: 9780412084119,0412084112. 441 pages.

    Digital Video offers comprehensive coverage of the MPEG-2 audio/visual digital compression standard. The treatment includes the specifics needed to implement an MPEG-2 Decoder, including the syntax and semantics of the coded bitstreams. Since the MPEG-2 Encoders are not specified by the standard, and are actually closely held secrets of many vendors, the book only outlines the fundamentals of encoder design and algorithm optimization.

  • Transporting Compressed Digital Video

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2002. ISBN: 9781402070112,140207011X. 260 pages.

    The purpose of Transporting Compressed Digital Video is to introduce fundamental principles and important technologies used in design and analysis of video transport systems for many video applications in digital networks. In the past two decades, progress in digital video processing, transmission, and storage technologies, such as video compression, digital modulation, and digital storage disk, has proceeded at an astounding pace. Digital video compression is a field in which fundamental...

  • Digital Signal Processing for Multimedia Systems

    CRC Press. 1999. ISBN: 0824719247,9780824719241. 880 pages.

    Addresses a wide selection of multimedia applications, programmable and custom architectures for the implementations of multimedia systems, and arithmetic architectures and design methodologies. The book covers recent applications of digital signal processing algorithms in multimedia, presents high-speed and low-priority binary and finite field arithmetic architectures, details VHDL-based implementation approaches, and more.

Converting VGA analog Video signals to digital HDMI TV signals
Converting VGA analog Video signals to digital HDMI TV signals
Patent US6429904 - Method for converting analog video ...
Patent US6429904 - Method for converting analog video ...
Digital Video Representation
Digital Video Representation