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SANYO ICR FP700D Digital Stereo MP3 Voice Recorder --- SANYO 700D ---

SANYO ICR-FP700D Digital Stereo MP3 Voice Recorder with expandable SD card memory slot up to 544 hours of record time with 29 hours of battery life and USB f...

Home Audio Sanyo debuts four Digital MP3 voice recorders

Home Audio Sanyo debuts four Digital MP3 voice recorders

Nihongojouzu : Sanyo Digital Voice Recorder

I picked up a Sanyo ICR-S170M digital voice recorder from Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku and I am well impressed. My former voice recorder was a Sony model and while it looked beautiful the controls were counterintuitive and the use of the proprietary .MSV file format meant either running an emulator on my Mac (takes up space, slow) or extracting files to my work PC and then converting...

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  • Digital Still Camera utilizes 6.18-megapixel CCD.

    Voice Recording A useful new feature is the camera's Voice ... Pricing and availability Featuring sporty elegance and a stylish chrome design, the SANYO Xacti S60 digital compact camera will be available in the U.S. by the end of May 2006 and will have ...

  • Digital Audio Out Just Buzzes ("Motorboat")

    02/18/14 ,via tom's hardware

    My new Sanyo DP42D23 HDTV has an RCA jack labeled "Digital Audio Out ... I am using a high-end audio cable that I've used before for S/PDIF recording. Is that adequate or correct? I bought the cable quite some time ago. I don't know if it was labeled ...

  • Sanyo, Panasonic, Yamaha Settle Thumb Drive Patent Battle

    10/19/12 ,via

    Anu targeted specific products made by each of the electronics companies, including Sanyo and Yamaha's digital voice recorders and Panasonic's cameras, which used a USB connector, according to Christopher P. Broderick, an attorney with Orrick Herrington ...

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