Digital Technique Professional Digital Voice Recorders

Digital Voice Recorder Comparison - Professional versus Consumer

Watch TranscriptionGear's Matt LaMond explain the differences between a professional level digital voice recorder and a consumer grade machine. Visit us at w...

Professional Digital Voice Recorders Top 10

Professional Digital Voice Recorders Top 10

@1: Recommend for Philips DPM-8000 Professional Digital Pocket ...

Every single detail has been considered and used to completely redesign the Pocket Memo. The materials and technical components used to craft this remarkable device were selected with the highest grade of precision and attention to detail, to ensure the absolute best product quality. One of the most powerful features is the breakthrough 3D Mic technology with its integrated motion sensor, which... Source: Digital Voice Recorders

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  • Sound Devices Expands Line of Video Recorders with Introduction of PIX 270i and 250i at NAB 2014

    04/03/14 ,via Broadcast Newsroom

    Files are ready for import directly into popular editing environments, including Avid, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro ... Sound Devices, LLC designs and manufactures portable audio mixers, digital audio recorders, and digital video recorders and ...

  • CEntrance Debuts MixerFace Recording Interface at NAB

    04/04/14 ,via Harmony Central

    studio limiters and rich digital connectivity options, enabling professional-quality location recording. MixerFace integrates the smart phone into the audio production workflow, making mobile recording easy for the modern, on-the-go broadcaster ...

  • Learn digital audio recording and editing with this online course

    04/02/14 ,via Education Oneindia

    Digital audio recording & editing using pro tools online course starts with microphone choice & techniques and quickly delves into software recording and techniques. Course duration extends for 10 weeks. This is a self-paced course where candidates can ...

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