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Spy Shop's Edic Mini Tiny A31 Mini Spy Voice Recorder

Edic-Mini Tiny A31 - Russian Spy Micro 300h Recorder Guinness World Records Smallest 300 Hour High-tech Miniature Voice Recorder

voice recorders edic mini tiny a31 digital mini voice recorder

voice recorders edic mini tiny a31 digital mini voice recorder

Top Rated World's smallest!!! Digital Voice Recorder Edic-mini Tiny ...

  • Height: 29 mm; Width: 12 mm; Thickness: 15 mm; weight: 6 grams
  • Battery life in record mode – 30 hours!!! (sampling rate 8 KHz, without compression);
  • Battery life in record mode with VAS – 8 days (audio signals below threshold); Battery life In stand-by mode: 7 months;
  • Built-in 2 GB flash memory – (300 hours of recording)
  • ...
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  • Edic-mini Tiny B22 is a really small voice recorder

    09/25/12 ,via UberGizmo (blog)

    a stand-alone voice recorder which is very well-disguised is still a better option. Edic-mini Tiny b22 is precisely that, a really tiny micro digital voice recorder. It is nearly an inch in size and weighs approximately the same as a large coin.

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