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Worlds smallest Digital

Gеt a grеat dеal оn аmazоn.соm Worlds smallest Digital EDIC-Mini Tiny A31 - Smallest voice recorder in the world with top-quality recor...

Olympus DS-3500 Professional Dictation Digital Voice Recorder ...

Olympus DS-3500 Professional Dictation Digital Voice Recorder ...

Top Rated World's smallest!!! Digital Voice Recorder Edic-mini Tiny ...

  • Height: 29 mm; Width: 12 mm; Thickness: 15 mm; weight: 6 grams
  • Battery life in record mode – 30 hours!!! (sampling rate 8 KHz, without compression);
  • Battery life in record mode with VAS – 8 days (audio signals below threshold); Battery life In stand-by mode: 7 months;
  • Built-in 2 GB flash memory – (300 hours of recording)
  • ...
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  • Voice Recorder supports up to 160 channels.

    Significant features of the digital voice logger include: call details such as providing encryption information and call type, support for up to 160 channels per recorder, distributed architecture across the entire IP network, and robust system reporting.

  • Airplane ‘Black Box’ Flight Recorder Technology, How it Works

    03/13/14 ,via

    The bill required installation of a second cockpit voice recorder, digital flight data recorder system and emergency locator transmitter that would utilize combination deployable recorder technology in each commercial passenger aircraft that is currently ...

  • Why Are Cockpit Voice Recorders Painted Orange and Called a Black Box?

    03/08/14 ,via

    Analog recording was replaced by digital and this switch allowed for longer ... require aircraft manufacturers to install an additional cockpit voice recorder. The second CVR would be a system that would be deployed from the tail of the plane during ...

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