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CANON Digital Camera- Shooting in Manual Mode - Tips for the Beginner

WildJBrown talks about Aperture, Shutter Speed, & ISO

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Taking Manual Control Over Your Digital Camera - Digital ...

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I was typing away the other day, putting the finishing touches on a short article, and not being the most careful typist, I accidentally wrote “dital” instead of “digital.” Of course, I was immediately notified of my mistake via a little red underline. A simple right-click of my error provided me with a number of spelling alternatives: detail, dial,...

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  • New Versatile CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens from Canon Provides High-Optical Performance and Operation for ENG, Documentary and Narrative Productions

    04/02/14 ,via Financial Content

    ... SERVO 17-120mm T2.95 lens is ideal for shoulder mount camera configurations commonly employed in ENG, broadcast, or cinema shooting. Attaching the Digital Drive unit does not require manual adjustment of the focus, zoom, and iris gears on the lens ...

  • Casio Exilim EX-ZR200 Digital Camera

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    and the manual shooting function gives users control over shooting parameters. As one expects from a flagship EXILIM camera, the EX-ZR200 delivers advanced ease of use that raises that bar for functionality in a compact digital camera . EXILIM ENGINE HS ...

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    Megapixels and sensor size continue to increase and camera bodies keep on getting sleeker, all while outfitting these devices with more manual controls and simpler learner curves. Check out our up-to-date list of the best digital cameras, which runs the ...

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