Digital Technique How to choose a Digital Camcorder

Video Production Basics : How to Choose a Digital Camcorder

When choosing a digital camcorder, think about the price of product and if the camera has an external flash memory or internal memory. Find a camcorder with ...

How to Choose Best Camcorder

How to Choose Best Camcorder
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VistaQuest Deal! Choose Between a 2" Pocket Digital Video ...

Decisions, decisions: this deal allows you to choose between a VistaQuest 2" Pocket Digital Video Camera with 4x Zoom or not one, but TWO VistaQuest VQ-2005 2.0MP Keychain Digital Cameras! On the one hand, the VistaQuest 2" Pocket Digital Video Camera offers a highly affordable solution to convenient home movies and video recording. And by convenient, we mean this ultra-thin, lightweight... Source: Justdeals - Special Products

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  • How to Take Better Pictures with Your Smartphone's Camera

    04/05/14 ,via Lifehacker

    Camera phones have come a long way in the past few years ... If you can't, you can always crop the picture later on, which is all digital zoom really does. Remember, you can always crop down, but you can't crop up. LED flashes have been hyped ...

  • Photography tips: choosing a compact camera

    04/02/14 ,via Australian Geographic

    THERE'S A REVOLUTION happening in the world of quality pocket digital cameras and I am digging it ... This is where a smaller compact camera fits the minimum baggage requirements limits perfectly. But, by the time I package my compact or small SLR for ...

  • Help me choose a new camera, hoping to take highspeed videos

    03/20/14 ,via tom's hardware

    Would also be great if the camera has time-lapsed function. My budget is $300-$500, the AW1 is way more ex, so wondering if it is worth the money. Overall, please help me choose between the few that I've listed or suggest a better model that will suit my ...

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