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HD Camcorders - Choosing your perfect camcorders

Making sure you capture those precious moments with your family in the best possible way is important so that you can relive and share these memories. And th...

Reasons To Choose Digital Camcorders

Reasons To Choose Digital Camcorders

Panasonic launches HX-A500 4K camcorder that ... - Digital Trends

surf through a terrifyingly awesome tubing wave (although it’ll probably take forever to watch back).

The Japanese maker claims excellent low-light performance and ultra-wide shooting at a maximum of 160 degrees, helping to ensure you get everything in the frame.

The A500 package is remarkably light, with the camera weighing 31g (1.1oz), while the body, which features a 1.5-inch...

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    Compact, lightweight, HD, multifunctional, these are the atributes that make the digital camcorders an essential tools for your muttimedia purposes. However it is quite hard to make a choice among all brands all models! Sizes and different recording formats.