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meter meters per month payment terms l c t t ms ava yuan contact ...

meter meters per month payment terms l c t t ms ava yuan contact ...

This House is Assembled With a Screw Gun - Green Building Advisor

A French design studio has come up with a prototype for a house made from blocks of expanded polystyrene foam insulation, lengths of laminated veneer lumber and not much else.

The Pop-Up House from MultiPod Studio in Marseille is a 1,615-sq. ft. building assembled on site in just four days with nothing more than a screw gun and long screws, according to a blog by Matt Hickman at...

Source: Green Building News

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  • TV White Space connects Bohol fisherfolk to the Net

    04/05/14 ,via Rappler

    "With one base station for example, we can already cover 300 square kilometers which here in Bohol covers 30 public schools, a number of health centers and of course all the barangay centers," Department of Science and Technology Information and TV

  • On A Booming Super-Yacht Market

    04/04/14 ,via Vanity Fair

    But the bigger race is definitely here in the harbor, Port Hercule, where 111 boats pack every available slip—at a cost of $25,000 to $50,000 a week each—while dozens more that can't find space or are just too big to fit are moored around the harbor

  • How to control moss growth on lawns after a wet winter

    04/04/14 ,via Financial Times

    I have given up trying to estimate by eye the correct dosage per sq metre and then trying to stick to it. The essential investment is The “magic” is a mix of fertiliser, grass seed and coir fibre, into which the seed has been fixed. The coir has to

  • Arista Champions New 100GbE Optical Spec, Files To Go Public

    04/02/14 ,via EnterpriseTech

    Unfortunately, neither one of those addressed the needs of the large datacenter operators, which need a reach of multiple hundreds of meters, up to a kilometer or two, and most importantly needed a power-efficient, cost-effective design that the IEEE

  • Sky Windpower's High-Altitude Generation Aspirations Aren't Realistic

    03/31/14 ,via CleanTechnica

    13,000 square meters. A small amount of math using Sky Windpower's factor tells us that the device would require four 32 m (112 ft) diameter rotors with a total craft size of about 70 meters (245 ft) per side including blades. It would be

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  • Tight credit for developers, buyers keeps lid on home prices

    04/02/14 ,via Hispanic Business

    The average price increased 0.38 percent to 11,002 yuan ($1,774) per square meter in March, the 22nd month in a row of gains. But the increase was 0.16 percentage point less than in February. Prices rose in 63 cities. The gain was more than 1 ...

  • Rate of China house price increases slows down in March: survey

    04/01/14 ,via The China Post

    The average price of a new home in 100 major cities rose 10.04 percent year-on-year in March to 11,002 yuan (US$1,775) per square meter, according to the China Index Academy which compiled the survey, released late Monday. The increase compared with a rise ...

  • Property prices stabilize in March

    04/01/14 ,via China Daily Europe

    The average price in 100 cities monitored by the academy rose 0.38 percent to 11,002 yuan ($1,770) per square meter, the 22nd consecutive increase since June 2012. The growth rate, however, shrank by 0.16 percentage points from February. Sixty-three cities ...

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