Digital Technique stereo system

A Demo and Overview of my Stereo System (Vinyl)

Check out massively updated system: Sorry if you can't hear the audio or watch the video in your country. While the music distrib...

Coby Mini Portable CD Stereo System CXCD400

Coby Mini Portable CD Stereo System CXCD400

RESCHEDULED:Webinar on 3DV stereo system - VisLab

On April 2, 2014, AutonomouStuff hosted VisLab's webinar on:

“3DV: A Tool for World Reconstruction through Artificial Vision”

The webinar was highly successful since more than 200 people registered for the event. It was a great opportunity to learn the technical specifications and features of the 3DV , a stereoscopic vision system able to provide the full... Source: VisLab

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  • Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter adds wireless connectivity to old gear

    04/04/14 ,via BetaNews

    The company further explains, "with this adapter, you can quickly and easily turn your favorite speakers into a wireless sound system for your new smartphone and tablet. You can use it with PC speakers, home stereo systems and even A/V receivers

  • Northern Va. vineyard pairs wine with music

    04/05/14 ,via Sacramento Bee

    After a few additional minutes of Metallica, Mackey switches the sound system to Hank Jr., Usher and organ music. "The music is a little heavy to enjoy with a white, crisp wine," he says. "Most people hear that organ come out and they say, 'Pour me a red!

  • After Fatalities Nationwide, Washington Regulators Target Party Buses

    04/04/14 ,via OPB News

    It's a converted 1998 Ford shuttle bus complete with neon lights, wrap-around leather seats and the center aisle converted into a narrow, wood dance floor. Prigmore points out “a nice stereo system with a PlayStation II, 37-inch flat screen TV, exotic

  • Xbox One 1404 beta update starts rolling out with fresh controller firmware

    04/05/14 ,via Daniel Rubino

    Fix for LiveTV audio outputting in stereo instead of surround sound. Update for the Blu-ray If a new system update is detected as available, a button will appear under Settings, System that will display “Apply Available System Update.” Note: this

  • Kid-friendly camera gets a solid upgrade

    04/05/14 ,via USA TODAY

    Arrayed around the lens are a thin flash, stereo mics and an autofocus assist light. The top panel hosts the video-recording and shutter-release buttons, as well as the power switch. The controls on the back functions (displayed on the screen

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  • With new album 'Saudade', Thievery Corporation goes back to bossa nova

    04/05/14 ,via Examiner

    Here is the only proper way to listen to electronica duo Thievery Corporations' latest studio album "Saudade": pop the album into your most expensive stereo system. Turn the lights in the room to as dim as a setting as you can get. Make yourself an old ...

  • Rhapsody and Napster hop on board with Chromecast support

    04/05/14 ,via TechHive

    All aboard the Chromecast train! Subscribers of the Rhapsody and Napster music services can now cast their tunes right on their TV or home stereo system via Google's affordable streaming dongle. As with other Chromecast apps, all you have to do is queue up ...

  • Turn your favorite speakers into a wireless Bluetooth system

    04/04/14 ,via The Gadgeteer

    With the new Bluetooth Audio Adapter from Logitech, you’ll be able to convert any powered speakers, like PC speakers, home stereo systems, or A/V receivers, into Bluetooth-enabled speakers. You can pair the adapter with both your smart phone ...

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